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شركة صخر: كيف بدأت ولماذا توقفت وكيف عادت؟

2022.01.24 16:08 mohammednabarawy شركة صخر: كيف بدأت ولماذا توقفت وكيف عادت؟

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2022.01.24 16:08 L_ryuzaki_L can anyone provide proof of @kenkaniffreal (Twitter) being legit

everyone seems to believe so but he's been wrong so many times before and has deleted a BUNCH of stuff..
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2022.01.24 16:08 Ash-Hell My first commission ever !

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2022.01.24 16:08 Lil-Wonton Do you get units back from a skin you already own in a starter pack?

One of the starter packs has a skin I already own so I was wondering if I’ll get my units back from it. I have to assume no but I gotta ask anyways
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2022.01.24 16:08 financeworld7 How Long Do You Cook Scrambled Eggs in a Skillet?

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2022.01.24 16:08 Correct_Sun_416 Omnipod price

I’m curious what everyone pays for Omnipod per month? I’ll go first: $302 per month BCBS.
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2022.01.24 16:08 _I_Am-Groot- Memebending slice!

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2022.01.24 16:08 Aokjo What light subclass update are you most excited for and why?

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2022.01.24 16:08 micronesiarain Episode 6- "Snatch Game LIVE" 🤡🤨

Episode 6- the queens enter the workroom after Karte's elimination
Unieke: 🎶Oh my goooood 🎶
Lisbon: That was intense.
Sharris CF: Karte left with a bang and spoke the truth. Her going home while Unieke is in the top with a panda dress? It's a no from me.
Ebony: Before we get into it, Anthyy congratulations on a well deserved win! Your look was iconique.
Anthyy: Ahhh thank you sister!! It was so weird because I wanted to celebrate but everyone was rushing to get ready for the look-off!
Sharris: You earned it. The other tops? Hmm. But you did great!
Unieke: I'm sorry but can one of y'all point me in the direction of where the fuck I asked? I feel beautiful, Micro liked it, case closed.
Jords: Unieke, you know I love you girl. But this look doesn't do it for me. It felt like a safe move to go campy.
Sharris: Agreed.
Unieke: So a gown made of fur was a safe move. And making a robot look out of metal wasn't?
Unieke CF: I will never apologize for this look! #Pandnieke2024
The Next Day
the queens enter the workroom
Fleur CF: I am back for another day of competing and I can't wait to be safe again!
OG: I know I was being quiet last night but the drama was too much for me to process at that moment. How is everyone doing now?
Nik: I feel pretty good! My track record hasn't been the best so far but sending home a major threat like that felt amazingggg.
Sharris: OG, how do you feel about Karte leaving?
OG: Part of me is gonna miss her! Our relationship wasn't perfect and it definitely got messy at times but the way it ended was lovely.
OG CF: I'll need to have a conversation with Karte once this is all over. I would love to salvage a friendship out of that but I'm very aware of the views she had towards me for most of the competition!
Micro walks into the workroom
Micro: Hi queens! Over the course of this competition, I've really gotten to know all of you. The real you. And quite frankly, I'm bored! Like my mama used to say, if at first you don't succeed, throw on a wig and act like someone else. Yes, that's right! We are playing the Snatch Game! All of you will deliver your very best celebrity impersonation and most importantly, make me laugh! And as an added challenge, we will be doing it all LIVE! Nowhere to hide, you'll be forced to think quickly and stay sharp. Good luck and I'll see you out there soon!
Unieke CF: Ahhh Snatch Game!!! I have dominated this challenge in at least 53 other races so I'm chillin'.
Sharris, Ebony, and Jords kiki together
Sharris: Let me know what you think about my character. I want to do a Karen.
Ebony: Karen From Finance? Karen Gillan? Karen, my old bitch ass neighbor who I swear stole my mailbox?
Sharris: No girl, just "a Karen". You know, lemme speak to the manager? That Karen.
Jords: Oh bitch. That's genius!
Ebony CF: I still think my old neighbor would've been a good choice!
Sharris: Who are you doing Ebony?
Ebony fluffs up her hair and pops in fake teeth
Ebony: Want a stylist?!
Jords: Charity Shop Sue?! Well you definitely have the wrinkles to play her!
Ebony CF: Wrinkles can be filled, a personality can't.
Anthyy, OG, Unieke, and Lisbon gather around the tables
Unieke: Who are we doing girls? I'm doing Tiffany Pollard. HBIC is here!
Anthyy: Snatch Game is the challenge I have been dreading but I am doing Meryl Streep! It will be similar to Miranda Priestly and hopefully I do okay.
Lisbon: I'm doing a Ru girl. I'm pushing myself and doing Bianca.
Unieke: Bianca is a big character. You think you can handle her?
Lisbon: At this point, I have to swing and hope it hits. I can't play it safe!
OG laughs maniacally
OG: Hiya girls! Anyone seen J?!
Anthyy: OMG are you doing Adele?
OG: Uh...no! I'm doing Harley Quinn. Was the voice not giving?
Lisbon: It's off broadway but it'll work!
Unieke puts on her Tiffany wig and twirls away
Anthyy CF: Unieke is really confident in her Snatch Game and it makes me scared. She already has two wins. If she wins Snatch Game too, I might as well pack up and go home.
three hours pass as the girls prepare for Snatch Game
Ebony: Has anyone seen Nik and Fleur? They left a few hours ago and haven't come back.
Sharris: Nope. They didn't mention why they were leaving either.
Jords: We have to be on stage for Snatch Game in five minutes so I don't know what they were thinking...
Snatch Game
u/thereal_OG101 as Harley Quinn
u/a_nthyy as Meryl Streep
u/TheeEbonyEnchantress as Charity Shop Sue
u/LondynBridget as Tiffany Pollard
u/Lisbon_After_Dark as Bianca Del Rio
u/sharris2475 as "a Karen"
u/TycenesUniverse as Cupcakke
Micro: Welcome to Snatch Game! I'm your hostess Micro and my character today is pretending that I'm not at all bitter about my black Ariel losing the XDR S7 SG! Is it working? Do I have good acting skills?! Our first celebrity panelist is the thrifty queen, Charity Shop Sue!
Oh haha hello Micro dahlin'!
[bears her teeth, the front two of which are stained]
Sue Tuke, MANUGUH! Oh I'm so excited to be 'ere! [She grabs Micro's hand tightly]
Hav' you not 'eard of me?! I'm a bit of a... local celebrity 'round these parts." [She grabs Micro over the shoulder and stares in her eyes]
I used to be a stylist. I've done ALL the fashun houses! That's right! I did Paris, a bit of Milan, even Moscow dahlin'!" [smokers cough laugh]
Micro dahlin' you should come dahn to my shop, Sec*Hand Chances down in Bulwell, ma girls will fix you raight up. That look you got on naow, I'm gonna be honest al'right? You could do better! Al'right dahlin'? [snorts]
Micro: Very excited to have you here Sue!
[Sue grins at the camera narcissistically, chewing gum]
Micro: The glorious queen of the big screen, Meryl Streep is here!
Meryl: Hello ARE YOU Nicole Kidman Did I just got trapped in her house AGAIN????? nervously looks around
Micro: Now what about me makes you think I'm Nicole Kidman? She's whiter than my Tinder hookups.
Meryl: Oh thank god that crazy bitch tried to attack me so many times! IShit… again Oh my lord! Did I just swear on natural TV? am not quite sure who you are because I did not take my glasses with me! wait can I swear? I can swear THANK GOD. On all of these award ceremony I can never swear and I HATE THAT!
I am one vulgar bitch!
I mean i played the devil!
Micro: With the way the bang swoops down onto her face, I'd let her speak to my manager all day. It's "a Karen!"
Karen: Oh thank you! Thank you! What a flatterer. The thing is… you’re dressed as a woman but sound like a man?
Micro: It’s because I am a man!
Karen: What. her face turns bright red ARE YOU TELLING ME YOURE A HOMOSEXUAL?!! EUGGGGHHHHHH vomits
Micro: Don't worry, the gays make me vomit too!
Micro: Smack my ass like a drum, it's Cupcakke!
Cupcakke: Well hello there, Micro! I must say i love them eyes on your face. Did you know, that the eyes are actually.. the PUSSY of the face? Cupcakke giggles and looks seductively at Micro while trying to fit the straw into the hole of her Apple juice. Cupcakke then continues saying: Don't you like that? Putting your straw into a hole?
Micro: Is it a paper straw? Because those really dissolve.
Cupcakke giggles and laughs horribly
Micro: The HBIC is here, Tiffany Pollard!
New York stands up with arms in the air
Now, sits down, squints eyes and rests chin on her hands the last 2 competition shows I was on didn’t go too well for me, no... lost the love of my life, got spat on by a pumpkin from a trailer park..but you know what!?!
Micro: What?!
Tiffany: I came out of it with my own show and 2 more dicks to call the love of my life. sighs and smiles while looking down Boy do I miss those dicks!
Micro: Talk about a girlboss!
Tiffany: And you are absolutely right!
Sue looks at camera and chews her gum
Micro: Harley Quinn is here! Now don't go killing people or burning down buildings. I don't know, I never seen those movies!
Harley: Hiya Mista…who in the fuck are you, you aren’t Mista J, but I love your perfume, what is that, the scent of bitterness over not winning XDR All Winners 1?
Meryl: Is XDR all winners 1 a new type of oscar? i need to win it!!!!
Tiffany: No bitch it’s those raggedy pigtails in your hair! Do y’all smell that shit!?
Cupcakke: Baby, i don't know what's more loose. That shit or that it wasn't yo turn PAPI yet you talked
Karen: The only thing I smell is fish. Close your legs for the LORD!!!!
Sue: Err I think she's tryin't'have a conversation here dahlin'...
Harley to Tiffany: I’ve been around sharks who smell better than you lady so mind your business!
Tiffany: Yeah. Judging from that fucked up grill, I wouldn’t be surprised you hang around sharks!
Harley: You hang around a dude who’s first name is Flavour, I don’t think you have a right to judge, who the fuck is in charge of names where you're from anyways?
Tiffany: Girl you run around a grown man in clown make up!! Look who’s talking!!!!
Harley: Well if you saw my new movie you’d know…I DONT FUCK WITH HIM ANYMORE!!
Harley: Anyways I’m Harleen Quinzel but my friends call me Harley and mamas gonna paint the street with laughs!
Cupcakke: Micro, if this doesn't work out.. you can always hit me behind my pu- wait, is this a PG-Show?
Micro: She's the queen of mean, it's Bianca Del Rio!
Bianca: Hello, Micro! It is lovely seeing you this evening! I’m so glad they could catch you between hookups to get you to host.
Micro: Aww. Tell you're dad I can't wait for round two!
Cupcakke: lick, lick, lick, lick. That wig is way too thick.
Bianca: Looking around I see some familiar faces and yikes I wish I hadn’t seen them! I mean, look at Chucky down there! [She points at Sue]
Cupcakke: guess you looked too much in the mirror
Sue turns to the Bianca Del Rio and points
Sue: What is goin' on with yer face? You look guilt-eh! snorts
Bianca: Oh wait, my mistake, Sue how are you darling?
Cupcakke: She was fine after i gave her that sweet-
Cupcakke to Sue: i can speak some british too: CUM!!
Tiffany: looks around WHERE!?
Sue looks at camera with a forced awkward grin
Cupcakke to Tiffany: MADE YOU LOOK! Get down the table and find out PAPI
Bianca: Can someone get some duct tape for her mouth?
Cupcakke: can someone get her the cooler for the resting bitch face
Cupcakke: Micro, i would like to use this opportunity to..make you…BUY MY NEW ALBUM EPHORIZE
Karen: whispers to sue What are all these queers yabbering on about. This is why i support conversion therapy
Sue grins awkwardly at the camera and chews her gum
Micro: Alright girls, let's bring it in. This is Snatch Game, not Bad Girls Club!
Let's get into our first question! "Micro is one hateful bitch. The next thing she's going to cancel is BLANK!"
Harley, what do you think?
Harley: Ok so, I thought about it and maybe my Mista J isn’t the nicest guy, maybe it’s cause of all the murders, so I think Micro cancels Puddin’! I could actually go for some Puddin right now actually, just kiddin, actually been hooking up with this broad Ivy lately, way better! You’d think someone who isn’t manipulating your every move would be haha!
Micro: What is your favorite flavor of pudding? I like the chocolate/vanilla swirl because it reminds me of my relationship!
Cupcakke: I like the C*M
Meryl to Cupcakke: You said it more times than i won oscars little girl!
Karen: Miss girl, she wasn't talking to you!
Harley: Don’t you dare talk about Mista J!
Micro sighs and bites her lip
Micro: Meryl, what say you?
Meryl: The next thing she's gonna cancel is Academy awards! For giving here absolutely 0 nominations for her show! Well now look at me I have 27 NOMINATIONS AND 3 WINS starts to take out about 20 oscars
Micro: wait wait wait Meryl you said you had only 3 wins where the other 16 came from!!??? Did you steal them? SECURITY!
Meryl: Wellll… you know I often visit other actresses house and then I like to just snatch some things to my bag!
Micro: why would you do that?? Isn’t 3 enough for you? I guess miranda Presley wasn’t just a character….
Meryl: NO I AM COMING FOR KATHERINE HEBURN WITH HER 4 FRICKIN WINS! Trust me Micro little girl! I AM MIRANDA PRIESTLY. I’d likely ruin your career just like her! And more after few glasses of wine I am WORSE THAN HER! OOOh darling i have no idea what that was! i never act like that. smiles to the camera
Micro: Of course you don't! You're a saint. Sue, what do you think?
Sue: I tell you what dahlin'... I didn't get an answer for ya for this one. I have to be honest dahlin', al'right? I don't. know. who. Micro. is. But I'll tell you what dahlin', al'right? I'm gonna take this back to ma girls at Sec*Hand Changes al'right and I'm gonna do. my. best. [Sue rolls her head and does a smokers laugh] [Sue brings out a rail of clothes]
Guess what Micro it's your lucky day! Yeh! 'Cus I'm lookin'... and I KNOW you need a littul bit of stylin', al'right? [smokers laugh] What size are ya?
Micro: I'm a 6!
Sue: Dahlin'... be honest wiv we naow... what size are ya? You're a size 14.
Micro: Alright...grab the 14.
Sue: Let's just errr let's forget about that shall we? [Sue does a cutting motion whilst looking into the camera] Couldya just err cut that aat? [snorts hysterically]
Karen: Sue you look just like that singer!! What’s his name… British fellow…. oh, Ed Sheeran!
Sue: Err I'm tryin't'have a conversation here dahlin'... I hav heard of Ed Sharon I will admit BUT not a fan, got to say. Al'right dahlin; [snorts]
Micro: I can’t stand how much you white bitches love him.
Karen: “WHITE???” DID YOU JUST RACIALLY PROFILE ME???? Being white is SO hard starts crying
Micro: Bianca, how you doin?
Bianca: Okay, so I know about being a hateful bitch, I mean hello I do it for a living. But I think that Micro is so hateful she’d cancel… her own show! I mean, I’m surprised she hasn’t done it already! Like, hello! Didn’t we all see what happened to the original season. Now that’s what I call a hate crime.
Micro: After this mess? It's likely! Karen, make me laugh pls!
Karen: Micro is one hateful bitch. The next thing she’s cancel is… Republicans!
Micro: We already have…
Karen: But we stand for everything correct?
Micro: Well I’d be careful, everyone here is anti-Republican
Karen: Well yeah, they’re all fag-
Karen: I saw one of them rainbow flag paradin’ “twinks” on the motorway this morning. You guess what I did to him?
Micro: What did you do?
Karen: Turned him straight into roadkill! shows micro a picture on her flip phone
Karen: Here’s the aftermath! Fed him to ma husband Bob in a casserole!!! Tasted surprisingly fruity?
Harley: Lemme just get comfortable. puts feet up on table
Sue: [whispering angrily] Errr get you feet off- get your fu'ing feet off this NAOW. I'm sellin' this! It's goin' today! Get the fu' up NAOW lay-deh!
Micro: New York, you hanging in there?
Tiffany: Girl barely! These skanks are just talking up a storm and their hot ass breath is just circling and filling up the room gags and holds her chest
But!!! Well Micr- I’m assuming that’s you? You’re one hateful ass bitch, the next thing yo ass might cancel is speaking your mind. Everyone speaks their mind, where do you think they get their ideas, their ass? & i don’t give a DAMN about what you have to say about it! I speak my mind just as much as Sue makes stroke faces at the camera
Karen: Me and Bob went to New York once! Had this thing called a “Pride” parade?? looks at micro They won’t have much pride when they’re burning in hell!! FUCKING QUEERS
Sue grins at the camera showing her dirty front teeth
Cupcakke: Welcome to Unieke Airlines. grab some nuts and we'll be right with you.
Micro: Alright...what you think Cupcakke?!
Cupcakke: QUIET, here we go! Micro, i'm sure you have cancelled a lot of things, but one thing i know you can't cancel, is… MY VAGINA! You're free anytime.
Micro: I'll pass! Haven't really been into that since college.
Cupcakke: Anyway, i think one thing you will cancel is.. Europe! Because everytime you fly around that girl, the carribeans go to standby. Too soon?
Tiffany: Girl...
Cupcakke: Shut up rancide chlorid. I‘ll pass on that one, been over that since the first bus came behind me and crashed my plastic surgery
Micro: You know, I'm done. All y'all talking over each other is too damn much and I'm done dealing with it.
Micro walks off set
Micro: I swear to god I don't want cameras following me
the lights flash as Micro struts down in her look
Micro Episode 6 Look
Micro: Welcome to the main stage of Micro's Drag Race! If you're still here, lemme apologize for that messy ass snatch game! But enough of that, let's get into some fashion! Category is...Clown Around!
Ebony: In 1996, I first fell in love with the art of clownery. I visited the Musée des Arts Forains in downtown Paris on a class trip, but it wasn't the exhibition that got me enthralled. I had developed my very own shit bomb and planted it in my teacher's backpack. His name was Mr Griff and he was SO UGLY! So I wanted to get my revenge. Anyway, cut a long story short, that the shit bomb went off and everyone got covered in flecks of shit. And that's when I fell in love with being a clown! This look is iconic and I am feeling sexy darling! My makeup is so scurrry! Boo!
Ebony Runway
Unieke: This clown runway, I am stepping out of my comfort zone once again and i am serving you gay killer clown realness baby!!! With this rainbow going all the way down my hair do, the balloons holding up my pant legs up to look as if they’re tents! The ECR stands for “Every Clown Rules” bc Um…duhh!! 🙄& the 3 represents- well I actually don’t know what it represents. Use your imagination!
Unieke Runway
OG: This is one of my favourite runways I’ve done all season for a few reasons, one I’m obsessed with a fashion reference and this is very French royalty, straight out of the closet of people like Marie Antoinette. It’s not what people expect when they think clown, and it’s most certainly not what they expect me to serve on a category like this. I know I’m all about the horror but I can also be fashionable meets camp too, this is what if the jester was put in charge of the throne and I love it! Pure clown royalty baby, let me be your favourite snatch.
OG Runway
Nik Runway
Anthyy: Tonight on the runway i am giving you clown extravagana! this is something a bit sppooky and extremly colorful with stars all around me and a huge geometric jacket this is something uneected for me! The hair is big and the baloons are ready to take me out of here after this snatch game! I'm CLOWNING just like some of the girls in the snatch game!
Anthyy Runway
Jords: Tag! I'm IT! Just joking, i'm more of a cute clown. I am walking down, cones first, and my puffs are protecting my head from getting hit. I just look so funny and beautiful, you can't even!
Jords Runway
Lisbon: I am giving stilts eleganza! I gave you a clown in snatch game now I’ll give you one on the runway. I love my braids as they swing around me with my other clowns. It’s creepy, it’s fashion, it’s a winner for sure.!
Lisbon Runway
Sharris: I look KILLER. You wouldn’t wanna catch me down a dark alley. However you would on a magazine cover, because I look fucking fabulous
Sharris Runway
Fleur Runway
Micro: When I call your name, please step forward. u/thereal_OG101 and u/a_nthyy, you are both safe. You may leave the stage.
Now, it's time for the critiques!
Ebony, every joke landed, you improvised flawlessly, and you committed to your character. An absolutely masterful performance. And amazing look.
Sharris, I know you wanted a win this week and you came for blood. Not as much blood as that person you ran over. You made me laugh, and this look is great.
Unieke, heyyyy! Your Tiffany SG was funny. I laughed, I smiled, I giggled. When shit hit the fan, I was hoping you wouldn’t get messy with them and I think you straddled that line and thankfully didn’t cross it. This runway is great!!
Lisbon, your snatch game was okay. It had funny moments. But you’re up here for your runway. Bitch turned it out!!!
Jords, this was everything I was hoping wouldn’t happen during SG. It was messy, loud, and to be honest, a cluster fuck. This look tonight doesn’t do enough to save you imo. It’s very basique
Nik and Fleur, I am very disappointed that you two chose to not participate in the Snatch Game. However, you're here tonight and I will judge accordingly. Both of these looks are incredible and some of my favorites of the night. That's all I can really say!
Micro: I need a moment to process all of this. You may all head backstage and untuck.
Sharris: We're baaaack!
Anthyy: Tell us everything!!
Ebony: I don't even know where to start. Sharris and I got good critiques. Jords, Fleur, and Nik got dragged through hell and back.
OG: What did they have to say about Unieke and Lisbon?
Unieke: Micro wasn't loving me tonight. I don't think I'm lipsyncing but it wasn't great for me.
Lisbon: She basically told me that my Snatch Game was fine, and that I was up there just so she could talk about my look. I appreciate it though because I really love this look so hearing her praise it gave me that feeling of validation.
Nik: I don't think there will be a lipsync tonight. Micro is gonna send me home.
Fleur: I'm kinda over it so if she wants to just send us home, I'm fine with that.
Jords: Sorry but that pisses me off. I've had to fight my ass off to stay here. I know I fucked up this week and I deserve to be in the bottom. When I had to lipsync Episode 2, I left everything I had on stage. For you to just give up like that is so annoying.
Fleur: Seeing the writing on the wall and knowing I'm not gonna win isn't giving up. I've put more than enough time into this race and I'm done with it.
Unieke CF: Fleur is over it and she has got to go. She is a great competitor but when the pressure is on her, she folds. It makes no sense to me.
Ebony: Look, I don't care who goes home or how they go home. That Snatch Game was a fucking mess because of y'all. Wait your turn and say your line. It's that simple. I've been waiting all season for that challenge and you ruined it. I'm done.
Sharris: Seriously. It was extremely uncomfortable to be part of.
Jords: I'm sorry. I'm really embarrassed.
Jords CF: This week was horrible for me and disappointing Micro and the other queens is so upsetting.
the queens walk back to the runway
Micro: Welcome back queens! I've made some decisions.
u/Lisbon_After_Dark and u/LondynBridget, you are both safe. You may head to the back of the stage.
u/TheeEbonyEnchantress you are the hands down winner of this challenge! Go join the other queens.
u/sharris2475 great work this week! You are safe. Feel free to run over some more people on the way to the back of the stage.
u/niktheburger, u/jjaakee, u/TycenesUniverse, this week was rough for all of you. The three of you are up for elimination.
Three queens stand before me. Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a lipsync to "Baby Shark"! Good luck and don't-
the building starts to shake as someone falls through the ceiling
u/lilac_candy stands on the stage
Lilac: Micro...girl. You have these queens up here in clown costumes and want them to do "Baby Shark"? You should be ashamed of yourself! And quite frankly, should be dealt with in court.
Micro: Heyyyy Lilac! Um, we already have the song ready so it's gonna have to stay the same.
Lilac: No.
Micro: What do you mean no?
Lilac: I mean that I'm not leaving this stage until it's changed.
Micro: You know what? Fine. You want us to do "Circus"? We'll do "Circus".
Lilac: Thank you very much
Lilac runs out of the building
Micro: Well alright! Get ready to lipsync to "Circus" by Britney Spears! Good luck, and don't fuck it up!
"There's only two types of people in the world: The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe Well, baby, I'm a put on-a-show kind of girl Don't like the back seat, gotta be first"
Fleur moves her arms and delivers strong poses, her mouth not being visible through the mask. Nik drops her legs down and opens her thighs before rocking side to side. Jords takes off her hat and covers the top of her face with it, leaving only her lips visible.
"I'm like the ring leader, I call the shots (Call the shots) I'm like a firecracker I make it hot When I put on a show"
Nik positions her hands to obstruct the view of her mouth and it's clear she doesn't know the words. Fleur removes her mask and throws it to the back of the stage. Jords takes her pins and juggles them before tossing them to the side and placing herself at the back of the stage.
"I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins Spotlight on me and I'm ready to break I'm like a performer, the dance floor is my stage Better be ready, hope that you feel the same"
Jords struts down the center of the runway before holding her hat to her head and posing. Fleur drops to the ground and caresses up and down her arms. Nik spins at the beginning of each line to distract from her lipsync.
"All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus When I crack that whip everybody gon' trip just like a circus Don't stand there watching me, follow me, show me what you can do Everybody let go, we can make a dance floor just like a circus"
Jords breaks into the music video choreography, perfectly hitting every beat and movement. Nik jumps up and spins into a split, still hiding her mouth. Fleur walks around the stage and plays with her skirt.
Micro: Thank you ladies! That was definitely...a lipsync. On paper, this should be a clear decision. However, the events of this week have made things difficult.
Nik, you will not be continuing on in the race.
Jords...shantay you stay. Listen when I say this, never repeat what you did in that snatch game. You may join the other girls.
Fleur, I wish you saw the potential that I see in you. I'm sorry but you will also not be continuing on in the race.
Nik, Fleur...the choice has been made for me. Your time here has come to an end. Or has it?
screen fades to black
Next time on Micro's Drag Race
Micro: One of the eliminated queens will be rejoining the competition!
Ebony CF: You have got to be kidding me
OG CF: This is my chance to rewrite history
Micro: The queen returning to the competition is...
Track Record
Cast Shot w/ Placements
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2022.01.24 16:08 wainwright203 Used situation mode to create challenges based on yesterday's games!

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2022.01.24 16:08 Bluxeph Anyone selling packs rn?

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2022.01.24 16:08 Saiomi Help with reddit recommendations

Hi, I'm not sure on the etiquette on posting in this sibreddit but maybe you can help me.
I use the official mobile reddit app (yeah, I know, step one is to get a different viewer) and when I click on a post that doesn't have many comments, I get bombarded with recommendations at the bottom of the page.
I have tried to find how to turn this off as I don't like seeing random subreddits. I choose which content I want to view. I just can't find the correct setting! If I want recommendations, I will go to popular and scroll through that.
I have all of my options toggled off in the settings but maybe the developers are rolling out random updates in small batches again (like the pictures in chat bullshit). I just want to turn off the algorithm's suggestions and curate my feed.
Tldr; I have all of my settings toggled to off but I'm still getting subreddit recommendations at the bottom of the comment section and I want to turn that off.
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