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Skrilen sat beside Lo'Sha, the two of them accompanying Darren as he drove to one of the addresses of interest supplied by Earle. The Grole senior deputy felt that it was highly doubtful that anything serious could be going on in such close proximity to the head office of the G.C.D.F. and had, in fact, voiced that opinion several times. Earle had merely chuckled, settling back with a shrug and a challenge for Skrilen to pay more attention. The Grole looked around again, but saw nothing of note yet.
The cruiser stopped directly in front of Skrilen’s former place of work, and Darren stepped out onto the icy street. Shuttles were expensive to run, so much so that only the rich used them as personal vehicles. While they had generously been provided their own shuttles for the new department's use, the human had specifically requested primarily ground-based vehicles. He didn't want his deputies to fly above the streets, species 368 had explained. They were to see, and be seen. Just like walking through the bar, Skrilen mused.
Lo’Sha’s gloved hands pulled her heated jacket tightly around her body as she exited the vehicle. “I don’t like the cold.”
Skrilen’s tongue flickered in surprise. “Then why would you come to Grole of all places?”
“Well,” the Verg said cautiously, “there was this ship’s captain who said he would show me the stars-”
“Not now.” Darren’s voice cut through their conversation. He popped the trunk and reached inside. “It’s time to work.”
Skrilen's eyes widened in surprise at what he was handed: a pain-rod. “The T-13 are illegal, as you well know.”
“You’re a sheriff now, we have our own rules,” the human said with a wink. “Anyway, it's only a few days into your training and I still don't trust any of you to not shoot yourselves. This is what you get.”
Lo’Sha accepted the pain-rod, and Darren indicated the power switch by her thumb, hanging his own T-13 from his belt. “I have never used something like this before,” she said, looking at him with fear in her eyes. “Senior Deputy Raimu said I would be working with some sort of culinary literature. I am not a fighter.”
The sheriff fought hard not to show his amusement. “That’s not what she meant by cooked books. First, though, we have to get them. Have you ever heard of a shakedown?”
“That dance where you jiggle your rear?” For the first time, the pale woman raised her voice. “I am not performing that lascivious act again!”
“No, not that...” Darren paused, then shook his head to remove the image her words had reflexively conjured. “Just follow me.”
They needed to make their way across the street, but Skrilen flinched as the human simply walked into traffic and raised a hand. Shockingly, it worked, and the flow of vehicles ceased long enough to let them pass through. The Grole wondered if this was some secret power of species 368 before suddenly realising that no, it wasn't. It was, in fact, most likely the presence of the oversized projectile weapon in Darren's raised hand.
Opposite the G.C.D.F. central building was Taigh-bìdh, a large restaurant frequented regularly by many officers. Skrilen himself had enjoyed many a meal here. Before he could be immersed in the familiar setting, Darren marched straight through the front door to be met with a clatter of dropped dishes and a shrill shriek from one of the servers.
"Relax," the human said. "We're not here for you.”
A Grole Skrilen recognised as Shift Leader Frahl, one of his former superior officers, stood and reached for his radio. “No need for that,” the former senior officer said quickly. “We’re sheriffs.”
“What are you talking about? Shreefs?” the lunching law-man asked before recognising the speaker. “Skrilen?” He looked down at the strange uniform, his trademark disapproving spine rattling only intensifying when he noted the T-13 pain-rod. “You’re breaking a lot of regulations. What’s going on?”
Darren hadn't stopped his determined strides towards the kitchen, but he called back over his shoulder, “This is a raid.”
“You’re bandits?” Frahl staggered backwards reaching for his weapon. “Stop right there!”
“We aren’t bandits,” Lo’Sha said quickly. “Are we?” she asked Skrilen with a nervous sideways glance. He shook his head and she spoke to the angry diner once more. “We’re shreefs, please calm down.”
Skrilen followed Darren into the kitchens, not wanting to lose sight of the human, while Lo'Sha stayed behind to attempt to placate Frahl. Shocked kitchen staff leapt from the human's path as he marched through, paying them no attention. At the back of the kitchen stood three metal doors, heavy and insulated. In front of the centre door was an oddly familiar Gorlan.
“Darren?” Kiflar said in surprise. “What are you doing here?”
“New job.” The sheriff pulled his jacket to one side, revealing the silver star on his hip. “Going to need to get through that door.”
“I got a new job as well.” The Gorlan was staring intently at the small human. “After you thrashed Slornax and his team, we were all fired.”
“Really?” The human looked the large alien over. “So now you guard a door?”
Kiflar paused, blinking rapidly as his mind worked hard. He hated the tricky human and his questions. “I’m a pot-washer. Ignore the door.”
“Oh, right.” Darren remained polite. “I wouldn’t want to get in the way of your pot-washing. You can get back to it.” He pointed to the corner of the room where a large pile of plates and pans sat by an auto-washer. “Looks like you have a few loads to get through.”
“I’m on a break.”
“That’s a real shame.” Darren smiled, and let out a short sigh. “You’re a good guy, Kiflar; always stuck to the rules.”
The Gorlan was stuck between a human and a hard choice. “Don’t hurt me. I need this job.”
“You were always smarter than your friends." The urge to do something reckless overtook the sheriff. Taking the pain-rod that was dangling from his belt, he handed it over to Kiflar. “Welcome to the Sheriff’s Department, Deputy.”
“What?” Kiflar and Skrilen said in unison.
“Hands up!” Frahl had followed them, and was now pointing his energy pistol at Darren. “You can’t go through that door.”
“Really?” The corner of the human’s mouth twitched. “Why would that be?”
“Errr..” The G.C.D.F. officer fumbled for a reply that would not incriminate him. “Hygiene?” He’d said it now, so he ran with it. “You haven’t washed your hands, and that’s a food store.”
Darren couldn’t hide his incredulity. “Are you fucking kidding me? Hygiene?” He looked to Skrilen. “He’s one of your Grole in green buddies, explain to him how we sheriffs do things.”
Wrangler had covered this extensively during training; this particular phrase was a human code. As much as he hated to do it, an order was an order. In a single movement Skrilen powered up and swung the T-13 directly into Frahl’s groin. The G.C.D.F. shift leader screamed briefly, his hand convulsing and firing an energy round into the wall as he collapsed.
“What the hell was that?” Darren exclaimed in shock. “I told you to explain our mandate from the civic authorities, not end his chances at having offspring!”
The senior deputy tried to explain. “But, Captain Wrangler said-”
Darren silenced him with an angry wave.
Lo’Sha had finished calming down the diners and had followed the others into the kitchen. Seeing the prone Grole she looked up at Darren. “What happened to him?”
The human shook his head and pointed to Skrilen. “Ask former-Senior Deputy Skrilen.” Frahl groaned from the ground, still clutching his frazzled family jewels. “Can you take care of him?”
The Verg swallowed hard. Memories of the moustached man yelling at them and impressing upon them the need for no hesitation in life or death situations rose in her mind. Though she hadn't expected one of Wrangler's code phrases to come up so soon, she reacted quickly. Lo'Sha poked Frahl in the head with her T-13.
Nothing happened.
Darren raised an eyebrow at her. “What are you doing?”
“Oh, right.” She felt such a fool, and quickly flicked the power switch on. This time the poke had the desired effect, and Frahl grunted and fell face forward.
“Have you all lost your damn minds?” The sheriff stared at the unconscious Grole and the slowly expanding puddle of warm urine creeping out from beneath him. “Stop attacking people.”
Lo’Sha looked quizzically at her Shreef. “But, Captain Wrangler said-”
“Well, now I’m saying.” Darren would need to have a word with his Captain, and find out exactly what he’d been teaching the deputies. “Look, just follow me and pay attention.” He turned back to Kiflar. “So, you wanna be a deputy, or what?”
The Gorlan looked at the unconscious G.C.D.F. officer and smiled a broad, deeply satisfied grin from earhole to earhole. “I think… I do.”
“Fan-fucking-tastic.” He was deeply annoyed by the actions of his two current deputies. “Then I choose what’s behind door number two.” Kiflar stepped aside and opened the door, revealing a narrow, dimly lit staircase. “At least Earle’s information was right.”
“I am deeply sorry,” Skrilen mumbled. “But, Captain Wrangler said-”
“I get the picture.” Darren sighed. He really had to speak with the old man. “Earle said there’s a dozen guards, let me handle them.”
“Twenty guards,” Kiflar corrected him. He nodded towards the downed Grole. "Today's payday for the officers like him.”
“Oh, he was dirty?” A wave of relief washed over the sheriff. “Then fuck that guy, am I right?”
It was Lo’Sha’s turn to raise an eyebrow, but Skrilen caught her expression and hastily added, “Remember, Raimu said the word has many, many meanings.”
“Get him in zip-cuffs,” Darren said to Skrilen. “If anyone comes up behind us, shout. Do not zap anyone, unless they are aggressive towards you.” He looked at Lo’Sha and Kiflar. “You two, with me.”
“What?” The Verg would have paled if she didn’t already have white scales. “He just said there were twenty of them.” She pointed at Darren and the new recruit. ”There’s only two of you.”
“Three of us,” Darren corrected her. “Don’t worry, I don’t expect much fighting. These are Darellians. Not a fan of loud noises, and they tend to fall in line fast if you give them a good enough scare.”
Lo’Sha understood perfectly. She was in her current situation for that very reason. The humans were indeed unpleasantly loud, and extremely scary. “Are you certain?”
Kiflar powered up his T-13, grinning at the small Verg. “Stay behind me.” He nodded to Darren. “And, I’ll stay behind you.”
“I knew you‘d make a good deputy,” Darren said as he walked through the door and ascended the stairs. As he reached the top and stepped into the small room above, an energy round sailed over his head. He swiftly stepped back into the stairwell, calling out in his booming voice, “Sheriff’s Department, drop the weapons or I drop you!”
“What the j’rak is a shreef?” a high-pitched voice replied.
Sher-iff, it’s not that hard!” Darren angrily yelled back. “We’re like cops.”
“Cops?” The voice sounded less sure of itself. “And what’s one of those?”
In the brief glimpse he had had of the room before needing to take cover, Darren had seen their positions. When he stepped out of the doorway again, his shotgun was ready. The wall behind them obliterated with an ear-shattering boom as he fired over their heads. "I am the law!" he proclaimed as dust clouds and rubble overtook the room. The handful of Darellian guards dropped their weapons and clutched at their ears, and he chambered the next round with an emphatic movement of the slide. “Nobody move!”
“My ears!” A red Darellian reached for his weapon, but a large boot slowly pressed down on his hand. He looked up to see the brute they had hired to guard the door. “You work for us!”
“I quit.” The Gorlan looked over at his new boss. “I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse.”
Darren reached down, plucking a tan Darellian from the ground by the back of his jacket. The alien was at least forty centimetres shorter than the human and as his feet dangled, his prehensile tail whipped about frantically. “You can’t do this, we’re protected.”
“Not from me,” Darren growled.
The Darellian whimpered and squirmed frantically. His fellow guards were now lining up to be searched by their former grunt. “What do you want?”
The human made an elaborate show of counting the four gold earrings in their very large left ear, and the three in the right. “You’d be Elsaf. You’ve got the keycode” —an unpleasant grin crossed the human's face— “and seven chances to give it to me.”
Lo’Sha stood in the door to the stairwell, her T-13 clutched to her chest. The huge Gorlan, she saw out of the corner of her eye, was helpfully gathering up the enemy weapons, but she couldn't look away from the human. He was holding up a being slightly larger than her with a single hand, and didn't seem to be struggling in the slightest. Part of her desperately wanted to turn and run, to burn the uniform and change her name. Maybe start a new life somewhere warmer.
There was another part of her that wanted to stay and see what would happen next. It scared her almost as much as the human did.
“I didn’t even have to ask twice.” Darren, quite pleased, released his prisoner who scurried over to stand with his comrades. Kiflar, now holding one of their weapons, patted him down. “Nice work Deputy… What is your clan name?”
“Dal’Ton,” the Gorlan replied solemnly. “You’ve probably heard of my brother.”
“He’s on my list,” the human replied grimly. The Dal’Ton Gang were big fish, and his team weren’t ready for that yet by any stretch of the imagination. Nodding to the prisoners he said simply, "Keep an eye on them." He then turned to his fearful female deputy. "Lo'Sha? Give him your zip-cuffs and follow me." From his pocket, Darren retrieved a radio. "Skrilen? Tell Raimu to bring in the wagon.”
“There are fifteen left,” Kiflar pointed out. “And they’re expecting you.”
“They’re expecting me.” The sheriff waggled his radio in his hand. “But they won’t be expecting this.” He spoke into the radio once more, walking towards the door. “Wrangler, it’s time.”
Darren entered the code and paused, waiting for the next step in his plan. There came a huge crash, and as the building shook the sheriff burst through the door into chaos. The Darellians, who had been near to the door and waiting to ambush the loud sheriff, had all scattered, many either on the ground cowering or hiding behind overturned furniture. The cause of all the pandemonium was the elephant in the room or, in this case, the Sheriff's Department shuttle that had just crashed through the far outer wall.
Darren kicked weapons out of hands, using the butt of his gun to subdue anyone who tried to rise from the ground. “Sheriff’s Department!” he announced once again. “You’re all under arrest.” The whum of a grav gun sounded behind him and he turned to see Wrangler stepping out of the shuttle. His eyes followed the sighted gun to a Darellian who had been flung against the wall, his weapon now some distance from him.
“Watch your six, Kid,” the old man chided.
“That’s why I have you.” Darren nodded once to show his thanks before clearing the other weapons, using the barrel of his gun to direct the Darellians to the wall. “Line up, and no monkey business.”
The old man in the hat chuckled, as the short furry aliens did have a certain look to them. “Which one of them is the organ grinder?”
“I don’t see the bookkeeper,” the younger man replied. None of their prisoners matched Earle’s description. “And I only count twelve.”
A panel in the far wall slid open and three Darellians walked through, their hands zip-cuffed behind them. The one in the middle wore a blue suit, and the red fur on his face had gone grey around the eyes and mouth. Behind them was Earle, a T-13 in one hand and a heavy black book in the other. “You were right, they went for the tunnels as soon as you fired.”
“Excellent work.” Darren smiled and turned to Lo’Sha. “Gather everything you find interesting, and the stuff you’re not sure about.”
The Verg stared at one of the overturned desks. Paper had been spilled everywhere, and though she couldn’t make out the details at this distance she could see the layout was that of financial records. “It’s paper.”
“Can’t be hacked, can be burned easily.” The human was handed the heavy black book from Earle, and he flipped it open to glance at the pages. “You can use a code that won’t scan into a data terminal easily.” He tossed the book towards the Verg, but she leapt from its path and it landed with a heavy thud. “Your time to shine.”
Wrangler opened the side of the shuttle. “At least we ain't got to carry it all down the stairs.”
Deputy Raimu, having finished parking the prisoner transport out front and having left the sirens blaring, walked into the room and let out a loud whistle. “I bet you’re glad we put the reinforced bars on the front of the shuttle now.”
“You were right,” the human admitted. “Shuttle doesn’t seem to have taken any real damage.”
The Erinal folded her arms in satisfaction. “Next time, I want to pilot it.”
Darren shrugged. “Get somebody trained to drive the wagon.” He then looked around cautiously. “Where are the others?”
“Draq is talking to the G.C.D.F. who came running,” she explained. “Miso is helping Skrilen and the new guy load the first group.”
“New guy?” Wrangler twitched his moustache. “Not another xeno who couldn’t track an elephant in fresh snow?”
“Kiflar’s alright,” Darren replied semi-confidently. “He’s good in a fight and follows the rules.”
“Well.” The old man slightly pushed his hat back on his head. “That’s officer material ‘round these parts.”
“Mister Shreef,” Lo’Sha squeaked. “I think this washing hole worked for several organisations.”
“Laundry,” Darren groaned. “Money laundering, and Earle said they were connected.”
“I just don’t know who to,” the red-skinned Nitty clarified.
Wrangler chuckled, watching as Raimu and Earle zip-cuffed the others. “You want to know what critter is under the rock, give it a kick and see what crawls out.”
“I thought we shook it?” Lo’Sha replied.
“That’s how you get a snake out your boot,” Earle corrected her, although he wasn’t sure what a snake was. “Or was that the one about the watering hole being poisoned?”
Darren turned to stare at his captain. “What are you teaching them, Wrangler?”
Kiflar, Skrilen and Miso, having finished loading the first wave of captives, started organising the remaining prisoners. The small red Folix sorted through them quickly, and had the other two escort the next group of five to the awaiting prisoner transport, nicknamed the wagon. "Not bad," he proclaimed, walking over to Darren and hooking a thumb in his belt. "But we're going to need a lot more deputies next time. Not everyone is as cooperative as the Darellians.”
“I think we did ok,” Earle replied, standing watch over the prisoners waiting to be moved. “We got what we came for, and nobody got hurt.”
“And you crashed a shuttle into a building, were wrong about the number of people inside, and now have more prisoners than cells,” the former soldier replied. “They have to be processed, guarded, fed and interrogated. We’re going to be at this all night.”
“Told you we should have shot a few of them.” Wrangler hawked and spat. “Send a message, and cut down on paperwork.”
Miso shrugged. “Not a bad idea.” He swaggered over to a cowering Darellian, giving them a hard glare. “I don’t like paperwork.”
“No use trying to intimidate them,” the older bookkeeper said. “They know nothing.”
“Oh, I’m aware,” Darren said, turning to face the old Darellian. “You’re just a small-time outfit. You pay a few cops to look the other way, run your money through this restaurant and a handful of other businesses. But, where do you get the dirty money?”
The strange alien was intimidating, but the bookkeeper remained defiant. Their business partners were worse than these shreefs. "You're a law man – an unorthodox one, I'll grant you – but they know nothing. I'm old enough to keep my mouth shut. You don't know who you're messing with.”
“That’s the point, dumbass.” The sheriff began looking through the overturned desks. “Just tell us who you buy from? I don’t particularly care about you, or your friends.” He opened a desk drawer, pulling out bundles of cash with different coloured bands around them. “G.C.D.F. pay-off money,” he guessed, being rewarded by the flash of suppressed surprise on the bookkeeper's face. “Colour coded to rank? This gold one’s pretty hefty, must be someone special?”
“That’s to pay suppliers,” the bookkeeper said hastily. “We buy fresh produce daily; this is a legitimate business.”
“Oh, shifting to that one, huh?” Darren was surprised it had taken them this long. “You should have started with that, maybe threatened to sue for property damage and loss of trade. Maybe even libel. Or is it slander? I can never recall.”
“Yes!” This was the opportunity the Darellian ring-leader had been searching for, and they watched the last of his men being escorted away. “You have no proof. Those books are nothing more than idle doodling to keep my tail busy.”
“And the guards,” the human tutted. “Waiters taking a break? Of course, you had no idea they had illegal weapons on them.”
“Exactly.” The bookkeeper recognised where this was going, as he had had this conversation many times with G.C.D.F. officers. “This is all a misunderstanding, perhaps we can come to some sort of arrangement?”
“Speak plainly,” Wrangler said with a smile beneath his bushy moustache. “We ain’t so smart as to understand double speak.”
“Huh?” The bookkeeper blinked in confusion, then realised what the man was asking. “If we all just forget about what happened here today, maybe the next time you visit there’ll be a bundle for you.” He looked at Darren with a practiced toothy smile. “One with a gold band for you, Sir.”
“Attempted corruption of a government official,” Darren announced smugly. “Add that to his charges. Earle, read him his rights and throw him in the wagon with the others.”
“Yes, Sir.” The Nitty snapped off a smart salute and approached his prisoner. “You have the right to shut the fuck up. Anything you say will be taken note of, and if you’re dumb enough to incriminate yourself, then tough fucking luck. You have the right to a lawyer, and if you don’t have some crooked, lying bastard on speed dial, one will be provided for you. If you start talking without a lawyer, but change your mind when you realise you done fucked up? Well, refer to your first right, and shut the fuck up.”
Darren had watched the whole exchange with a slow dawning horror. "Earle?"
"Yes, Sheriff?" the deputy dutifully replied.
"That's not quite how I remember those going." The newly-minted Sheriff had, in fact, borrowed heavily from his homeworld and already knew the proper words by heart. "In fact, I'm certain that's not how it's supposed to go."
"But, Wrangler said-”

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Thirty days after it was launched, the James Webb telescope has arrived at the position in space where it will observe the Universe.
"There's a pretty intensive effort to take all of those 18 segments from their current state and get them to act as one big mirror, and also to get the secondary mirror into its optimised condition," explained Charlie Atkinson, the chief engineer on Webb at Northrop Grumman, the American aerospace company that co-led the telescope's development with the US space agency.
Europe's Ariane-5 gave the new observatory a near-perfect trajectory and velocity to get it out to L2. Even so, two course correction burns were necessary, with the third on Monday tipping Webb into its planned parking position.
The other advantage is that Webb will not experience at L2 the big swings in temperature and light endured by space telescopes positioned much closer to Earth.
Hidden behind a big sunshield, Webb's optics and instruments will soon cool to about -230C. When that happens, controllers will switch on Webb's Near Infrared Camera to take a picture of a test star to begin the process of aligning the big mirror.
"We know when we first focus on a star in space, we'll actually see 18 different spots of light because the 18 individual mirror segments won't be aligned," said Nasa instrument systems engineer Begoña Vila."But we'll adjust the mirrors to bring all the spots together to make a single star that's not aberrated and good for normal operations."It's a long process.
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Looking at someone else's work and trying to figure out if we have a problem.
-Client has large IRA. She has a Will-based plan (no Rev Trust) and has named her "testamentary trustee" as the 100% beneficiary of her IRA.
-Under her Will, 80% goes to her son in a testamentary trust created under the Will that lasts for his lifetime, and 10% goes to each of two existing inter vivos irrevocable trusts for the benefit of each of her grandchildren.
--These existing trusts are completely silent on retirement plan funds.
--Distributions for HEMS to the grandkids. Undistributed income is to be added to principal each year.
--Beginning at age 30, each grandchild has a GPOA over the trust property and can withdraw all of the corpus and any undistributed income.
I believe the trusts meet all the requirements to be "see through" trusts.
The grandchildren are not Eligible Designated Beneficiaries.
My questions:
1) I believe we should still qualify for the 10-year window, but am I missing anything?
2) Because the trusts are silent on accumulation vs conduit, we should be able to accumulate, correct?
3) Does the "right to withdraw" at age 30 and/or GPOA cause any issues?
(I need to go back and look at the "bad beneficiary" rules for accumulation trusts, vague memories that this could apply here?)
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2022.01.24 17:03 Pizzaguy276 Can’t pay rent, bills, or buy groceries

I was set to start a new job in early January, then caught covid and had to delay it significantly. I was holding on by a thread and now it feels like everything has fallen apart. I live in an apartment with my sister and feel like I’m dragging her down. I don’t have the money to pay for my share of rent, buy groceries, or pay the bills when they come due. I’ve started work but now I’m just playing catch-up, for the first time in my life I have more debt than I do savings. Any financial assistance would be incredibly appreciated it, if you’ve got it to spare. Thank you.
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2022.01.24 17:03 SusPuzzle I moved to New York in December from Washington state. Since I moved I’ve updated my current address with IC, signed in and out, deleted and reinstalled the app, contacted support with screenshots. But the app still shows WA cities.

I moved to New York in December from Washington state. Since I moved I’ve updated my current address with IC, signed in and out, deleted and reinstalled the app, contacted support with screenshots. But the app still shows WA cities. submitted by SusPuzzle to InstacartShoppers [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 17:03 peter095837 What Film Festivals Have You Joined Before?

What Film Festivals have you joined before in your life? Both In-Person or Online. For instance, I have joined AFI FEST 2020 and 2021, other independent Film Festivals, and currently joining Sundance 2022.
What about you guys? And what was the experience like?
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2022.01.24 17:03 TheHDGenius Looking for a good controller

So I recently got my PS2 back from my parents house (where it's been for about 10 years now) and I brought the controllers that I had as well. It turns out the original Sony controller that I had is broken and the after market (Pelican brand) doesn't feel the same. I've seen a lot of controllers on Amazon from brands that I've never heard of for about $10-$15 each but that seems way too cheap. Does anyone have a recommendation for good controller, preferably wireless?
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2022.01.24 17:03 Brosephasaurus Boost for boost

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/38f8pkCr5mb
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2022.01.24 17:03 A2_Kenz What production number would you consider rare?

A general rule I’ve read says “anything mass produced” is not rare. What is considered mass produced? 100? 1k? 10k? 100k? 1m?
If an item had a production number of 100,000, how many would you estimate to be sealed/brand new after 10 years for example. Obviously, a game like call of duty would have a higher “play rate” than dora the explorer.
This may have been answered 1000 times or maybe none. I haven’t found educated estimates so figured I would post.
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2022.01.24 17:03 NicroManiac Tune into the WOO DAO Community Call on Jan 26, 15:00PM UTC, to chat about treasury initiatives with @Bancor, as well as a panel on WOO DAO treasury management! Be sure to also check out last week’s DAO summary 👇 Link ITT!

Tune into the WOO DAO Community Call on Jan 26, 15:00PM UTC, to chat about treasury initiatives with @Bancor, as well as a panel on WOO DAO treasury management! Be sure to also check out last week’s DAO summary 👇 Link ITT! submitted by NicroManiac to WOO_X [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 17:03 Morgan-992 Car Neck Headrest Travel Pillow The Car Neck Support Headrest Travel Pillow provides travelers with an affordable and effective pillow to take a nap in the car. Its neck design provides a comfortable fit that users can enjoy when taking their short power nap while giving them much-needed support.

Car Neck Headrest Travel Pillow The Car Neck Support Headrest Travel Pillow provides travelers with an affordable and effective pillow to take a nap in the car. Its neck design provides a comfortable fit that users can enjoy when taking their short power nap while giving them much-needed support. submitted by Morgan-992 to McrOne [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 17:03 InvaderZix Made a little guide for newcomers :)

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