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2021.12.03 22:04 Responsible_Dark_819 Mod Help

I keep getting REL/Relocation.h(567):failed to open file is there a fix?
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2021.12.03 22:04 Fantastic-Anywhere68 Rachel Cook Hot Nude in the Pool

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2021.12.03 22:04 Taniwha_NZ Spark Sports - F1 Saudi Grand Prix. WTF?

So I was going to sign up for spark sports so I can finally watch F1 races live. But I checked their schedule and I'm confused.
It's got the F2 feature race streaming for 2 hours from 3am to 5am. But then it says the F1 Grand Prix starts at 5am and lasts for just TWENTY MINUTES. But the official schedule shows the race not starting until 6:30am. But the spark schedule shows nothing after that 5am 20-minute whatever that is.
I'm not sure what the hell is going on. Any current F1 fans or Spark Sports subscribers able to explain things?
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2021.12.03 22:04 businessyndicate The ancient potato of the future

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2021.12.03 22:04 we_are_we_arent Creating my first tulpa at age 46!

Hi tulpa community!
Never expected to be doing this even a week ago but having stumbled upon this subject for the first time in my life very recently, I quickly realised it was putting a name and a framework on something that's actually been on the edge of my consciousness for many years.
To give some basic details that I think may be relevant, I am 46, have always been very creative and imaginative (I have always been into creative writing and have been an almost nearly aspiring musician for 25 years) and since childhood have always had multiple imaginative universes I can easily visit, and have created elaborate stories and characters in.
But I am also very rational, had a 'traditional' upbringing and in some ways feel like I'm fighting against a lifetime of passive mental programming telling me the very idea of thinking about really creating a tulpa is anything from impossible to spiritually dangerous to clear evidence that I'm truly going insane.
So I have one side of me feeling like this might be the most important and rewarding process of my life, but the other is still chipping in with the occasional 'seriously? this is nuts'
But even the most rational part of me doesn't think it is nuts, and having read through various guides and done my best with the more clearly safe hypnosis videos (I've always struggled with actual visualisation and have never been able to be hypnotised - and oh I've tried), I literally feel like I'm standing on the edge of a cliff. I've had moments where I genuinely feel like I've connected with my tulpa, mainly when I've focused on direct or indirect narration to her, but then sometimes literally a second later a little voice tells me I imagined it. Then another voice says ah but that's the point...
I feel like I might have heard her voice... or was it mine? That kind of thing. The point is this: If anyone has got through reading all this and has any insights or advice at this point I'd truly appreciate it. I feel like part of me almost wants some kind of clear 'proof' that she exists, while another part of me, well, knows that she does and frankly thinks this whole 'demand for proof' thing is just getting in the way.
At this point I also feel like my tulpa wants to ask other tulpas what they think she could do to help us properly connect. Or did I imagine that?
Love to all, and thanks for reading x
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2021.12.03 22:04 ZoolShop Omicron Covid variant: First case found in South West as national number surges above 100

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2021.12.03 22:04 Disholson Best breakfast in SE Indianapolis?

In town for the big game tomorrow! Who has the best breakfast around??
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2021.12.03 22:04 raaviolli-dasher can someone help me?

so i know the subreddit aint exactly appropriate but my post for some reason got banned on valorant's main subreddit
i created an alt account in valorant and always when i try to start the game it gives me the
"there was an error connecting to the platform"
so i went back to my main acc and i could start the game normally. it was just on the alt acc. created a 2nd alt account to see if it would bug as well and it did. so, it always gives me this error when i try to play on an acc that isnt my main. why is that and how can i fix it?
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2021.12.03 22:04 NikoBenz Y pipe interchangeability in gmt400s?

Will a suburban Y-pipe fit in a k1500. Both are 4x4 5.7 non vortec.
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2021.12.03 22:04 miss-jac MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armour GEN3 Mark V (B) Core - SPARTAN-II Angelica-128 Mark VI Modular

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2021.12.03 22:04 MGTOW-Academy Second time going solo-first time viewing scenery this beautiful by myself!

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2021.12.03 22:04 TheKingOfKong69 Any MSP sales people out there

The director of Sales at my MSP recently sent out the pay plan, as well as new sales targets.
I’d like to private message with some sales people in the industry to see if the numbers are realistic, because they seem astronomical to me.
I really just want to see if I’m underperforming or if their numbers are out to lunch.
Only asking for private messages so I don’t post any info that could identify me to my current employer.
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2021.12.03 22:04 DUMBlS Join the Dragon Ball Hentai Discord Server!

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2021.12.03 22:04 GoneToDevNull Shakepay Referral Code - $30 bonus when you sign up with Shakepay and buy/sell $100 worth of cryptocurrency (Canada)

Shakepay Referral Code : Use the link below to get $30 CAD once you trade atleast $100 worth of cryptocurrency.
Once complete, the ShakingSats option becomes available. Shake your phone daily for free bitcoin.
In order to receive your reward, the new sign up must complete phone, email, and identity verification and purchase at least $100 worth of digital currency.
Already signed up and forgot to use a shakepay referral? Use this link and enter code KRQ31DB
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2021.12.03 22:04 leescano13 Ah yes. My two favorite categories

Ah yes. My two favorite categories
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2021.12.03 22:04 XxXBigPeenXxX ♾ InfinityDOT just got audited by Techrate, listed on CMC and Coingeko and touched 7MM Marketcap in Just 5 Days from Launch!! Exchanges already sending in their offers!!

InfinityDOT is a new token that pays out reflections in Polkadot, so far investors not only did a 10x, but remade their initial investment just from Polkadot payments, that means no matter the direction of the token, constant flow of Buy/Sell transactions pay thousands in Polkadot constantly.
In other words, you get to invest in a small MarketCap gem with huge potential and even get paid passively while your investment grows exponentially! Join our rapidly expanding token and help us create the greatest reflection based token on BSC!
TL;DR ⚙️
Liquidity Locked
Presale on DxSale
Audit coming soon!
Detailed roadmap
🏦 Tokenomics - 15% TAX ON ALL TRANSACTIONS
8% Reflections
5% buyback
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💩Poocoin: 0x73b96ac0814eaff828779de589840d1172aaaa70
Not convinced yet? Read on!
At 4.5M marketcap, a strong contract and an audit on the way, we can expect huge growth in the near future, many have already recouped initial investment in Polkadot reflections! If you’re the kind of guy that buys real tokens and not just meme coins, this is the project for you! The standard for pay-back tokens so far is flawed, with pay-back in the same token, taxes for all affect the price the same, redistributed taxes re-enter the market and cause drops. Which is why reflective tokens have become so popular in the past months. Taxes are applied in every transaction, which in turn purchase and drop a separate high value token to all holders with affecting the value of the original, giving passive income in stable high-marketap projects. For this reason and many other, InfinityDOT is a promising token, at the height of the bullrun, in a moment in which all chains are filled by meme-coins with no porpose that die within days, we have new token that provides actual value, and like it’s precedesor reflective tokens, it’s here to stay. As opposed to coins such as EverETH, or InfinityADA, InfinityDOT provides it’s reflection in Polkadot, a self-named etherum killer that has grown into a top 10 Marketcap coin with extremely dedicated development, community and an indisputable bright future ahead. Here comes InfinityDOT, while new tokens on Polkadot are still few in comparasion to the giants that are the Binance Smart Chain and Etherum, work for it’s future can start off-chain, with reflective tokens. InfinityDOT not only proposes as an investment opportunity it’s possible growth, but also the certain growth of a stable future token with a long history on the market. A future of the InfinityDOT token on it’s father chain that is BSC and a promising future on the parachain of Polkadot! The token has much work to do, the concept is promising, yet simple for anyone to understand, and compared to the majority of BSC Tokens, has a high survival chance. The team has just started going public, with a possible pre-sale to raise liquidity this week, a sale on DxSale to raise trust trough locked liquidity, a public open source contract to prove it’s security, and a perfect moment for a real project to start, in a sea of short-lived meme tokens, a real project is a real needle in a haystack. Of course DYOR, the project has barely started and has a long life ahead, the website is up and the contract will be published shortly, all we can do now is wait and verify it’s validity when the contract is published. Now that I’ve spoonfeed you, start DYOR, whitepaper, roadmap and community channels available at
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2021.12.03 22:04 otherwiseofficial Quitting Dutasteride / non-stop shedding for months

Im in a difficult spot. I'll lay out my situation. Started topical fin in 2019 because increased hairfall and maybe a little temple recession. Was always very fond of my hair so took it as a preventive measure.
In may 2020 my hair was thinning, where you could see part of my front-middle scalp under harsh lightning. I've switched to oral fin in october 2020. Added RU58841 in januari. My hair was still shedding but not that much and i think overall i was maintaining.
I've wanted some extra regrowth, so i took wanted to take DUT. Also to make sure to stop my shedding, all the studies on DUT look amazing. I've started taking DUT one time a week, 6 other days finasteride around may 2021. From month 1, my hair looked amazing! I felt like i was recovered and had density like i was 16 again! My hair started to shed like crazy, but the quality of my hair was so much better. It was really weird.
But the shed never stopped, and start raping my hair worse than it ever been. Now my hair quality is thin, where it used to be thick. It stopped shedding for 3 weeks, but now it's shedding again!
7 months into use and my hair looks the worse it's ever been, with no noticable regrowth appearing. The only hairs that i've seen growing are REALLY thin, like dying hair(?)
Any experiences with this? Some that had the same and recovered? Or should i go back to fin? And how did your regrowth look like? Thick or thin hairs?
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2021.12.03 22:04 Poe______ What type of clothing should I pack on my 3.5 week trip to Japan NEXT December?

DISCLAIMER: Mods would not let me post this question on Japan Travel presumably because it was referencing travelling to Japan which I assume they thought it was this December. Not hating on them, just wanted you all to know that it is next December. In the meantime everyone stay safe :) gotta respect the rules!
Anyways.. I am an inspiring one packer but not super sure what type of clothing to bring. This is my first long trip that I am not brining my entire wardrobe with me so it will be a fun challenge. I have already found a lightweight and quite warm jacket (Plasma 1k Down Jacket) and since I am from Minnesota (somewhat used to cold) I am curious to know if I should invest in some heat tech base layers from Uniqlo or just have some regular shirts with the jacket. Or a bit of both. I have decided on some ultra-lightweight darn tough socks but besides that everything else is up for discussion. Would appreciate recs on just about everything else.
Intending on spending the majority of my time in Tokyo where I believe it is anywhere from 35-40 F (Probably varies) Went outside today in 40 degree weather with a long sleeve on and was totally happy. Perfect hoodie weather! I have heard some say it is cold, some that it is warm. Given that I do not have a whole ton of room (21L) planning on not having more than my jacket, a hoodie, 3-4 shirts (maybe one heat tech, maybe all), and a smarter shirt like a turtleneck. TBD on what fits!
I have heard "Merino Wool" banded around however looks a tad expensive. If I were to get something of this nature would that be my turtleneck? or the light hoodie? A base layer? Not quite sure..
Essentially looking for clothes that are:
Comfortable ( 6'1" 190 lbs.)
Somewhat smart ( Can't be looking like a bum in Tokyo)
Clean easily
Let me know your recommendations, anything helps!
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2021.12.03 22:04 PracticalParadox What is this? (Right answers only)

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2021.12.03 22:04 luminescent-spaget Thoughts on Agent Kyle Brody’s exit?

Charmageddon (S7, E13). I like that they brought him back as a whitelighter but I feel like they could’ve continued his relationship with Paige and his further involvement with the magic realm could’ve made them a strong couple? It’s possible the writers didn’t want to fall back into the Leo/Piper story line of ‘forbidden love’ but you would presume the elders would’ve handled Paige and Brody differently.
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2021.12.03 22:04 Luckyoudude Whys it smell like paperhands

Here ill explain how doge works. You buy it. And hold it. And repeat. And evently Your suposed to get richer. No were it says your suposed to sell ever. Hold till death And even after.
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2021.12.03 22:04 hitkumar White Eye feeding Series of Worm Sacs...

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2021.12.03 22:04 isitthatguy2021 BUAD 304 with Heino

Is this class hard? Is it doable to get an A?
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2021.12.03 22:04 Macaco_feio I can't enter the game because this appears

I can't enter the game because this appears
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2021.12.03 22:04 razberries_on_mars @SHChronicle: The public process continues for the development of the $2 billion NEXT renewable diesel production facility at Port Westward.

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