When im ready to repaste

2021.10.20 06:41 OnlysimGuy When im ready to repaste

When im ready to repaste thermal paste on my ps3
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2021.10.20 06:41 PossibleOutside8824 I like applesauce that's why you gotta love my Twitter banner

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2021.10.20 06:41 adammario6556 oDDling - Paradox

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2021.10.20 06:41 krishkaananasa Best Russian graphic novels and comic books

I am starting to learn russian, and I want to move forward by listening and reading content on russian. I am a big fan of graphic novels. Does Russia have some to offer?
To give you an idea of what I like: Watchmen, Sandman, Incal and Preacher are my favorite graphic novels
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2021.10.20 06:41 karthikc076 RTX 3080, RP Tech

Guys help me out. Where do I get a 3080 RTX for the right price. Everything online is overpriced. I tried RP tech, are they legit? Trustworthy?
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2021.10.20 06:41 Zahalapapaya How far can you go?

I was just curious, how far can you go? I know past 1500 it starts to get unreliable, but has someone made it to ancient Rome or the likes with some credibility? By the way, I'm not talking about those world trees with zeus and thor
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2021.10.20 06:41 ArcanePolygon Body, me, digital, 2021

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2021.10.20 06:41 woodstockbird9 Any Motorcycle clubs here?

altough i will come by metro only to see but i am interested in phtographing the motorcycle culture in delhi so are there bike clubs here. would be great for my portfolio. (possibly with the chance of stunts, lol) Anyone planning any meetups this weekend please let me know. would share pictures in this sub if i get the chance.
btw i am the guy who posted the MMA pictures earlier, you can check my profile to verify. help a brother out.
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2021.10.20 06:41 Aniket960 Shinigami in Naruto

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2021.10.20 06:41 hi9580 Breaking the Spell: Social Experiment | Intel

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2021.10.20 06:41 ConstantWhich Will we have a final 5th episode of the cartoon with a yellow bear... ?

with more glitches, gameplay reveal ? the purple animatronic reveal ? full date reveal ? or other ?
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2021.10.20 06:41 notcinelli Singapore has just banned road cycling in groups of more than 10

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2021.10.20 06:41 racelini Exposure to China…

Regulators versus the powerful technology platforms has become an interesting narrative…
The Chinese government believes that regulation is good for the economy, and it deeply dislikes the idea of anybody having more data than the government
But it is most unlikely that China wants to destroy its most powerful companies—companies that assert Chinese authority. These companies and the state’s growth-driven objectives remain aligned
Indeed, this is not the first time that these internet giants have encountered, and resolved, significant regulatory challenges from Beijing. At the same time, the valuations of these companies, given their prospects, are incredibly low; the degree of fear may have exaggerated the danger to them
If anything, I imagine that antitrust regulations could reinforce the dynamic that we see in China where the next layer of companies grow at a speed and scale that we rarely see in western markets
Actually, moving principally to a policy of greater antitrust would probably benefit the US and Europe…
(See LongTermGrowthStocks for DD on Chinese growth prospects)
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2021.10.20 06:41 ThePowerLord What are some visual novels similar to the Persona series?

Emotional impact, characters, story, gameplay and the music
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2021.10.20 06:41 DodgyHoagie Goldson no closer to signing a new contract as per Jordan Campbell from the Athletic

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2021.10.20 06:41 fatkidsfrmouterspace Very Happy Stuff

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2021.10.20 06:41 inqusitor999 fuck commies

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2021.10.20 06:41 Superr_Educated Why is BlueStacks eating so much HDD memory with multiple instances even if apps aren't heavy that much?

Hi there. I've been using BlueStacks for a while and first thing I noticed was that it eats abnormally lot HDD space. I have decent PC capable of running dozens of instances but when I installed it and created 10-32 bit versions it was working fine, but after I installed mozilla firefox and opera on each of them one by one, instances started crashing. Later I discovered that they eat up all my SSD space. 18,5 GB was done for 10 mozila and opera browsers on 10 instances.
Then I installed them on HDD with over 100 GB memory and then suddenly it was working like a charm. I can run efficiently 28 instances now but it does take a lot of memory and RAM.
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2021.10.20 06:41 wrenai 20m looking for a short term chat just to pass the time, dm me about anything

I consider myself relatively mature and wise for my age, I like listening to people of all different backgrounds. I’m pretty chill myself a wide variety of music and stuff.
Just shoot me a convo if interested or not it’s all chill
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2021.10.20 06:41 HazyLandscape dey thunk dems ponies

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2021.10.20 06:41 St3asy PC crashing and drivers uninstalling

Computer Type: Desktop
GPU: RX 580 8gb
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core Processor
Motherboard: ASRock B450M-HDV R4.0
BIOS Version:
PSU: Corsair CX550M
Operating System & Version: WINDOWS 10
GPU Drivers: 21.10.2
Problem: Since a couple of days, I've been facing an issue where when playing games (League of Legends in this case), my screen would at times just switch off and not turn on again and the only way to fix it would be to restart the computer. Once its restarted, all of my drivers would be uninstalled. I reinstalled them the first time again and it recommended me to install a slightly older version (21.08.2 instead of 21.10.2), I still encountered the same issues last night tho. Im now back on the newest drivers. I have a RX 580 8gb graphics card and a Ryzen 5 2600X processor. Tbh I'm really bad when it comes to PC stuff so if you guys have any recommendations on what I could try or what causes this issue, I would be really thankful.
Troubleshooting: Reinstalled drivers, tried installing older versions of drivers
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2021.10.20 06:41 Practical-Bag-1087 Daaaaaammm

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2021.10.20 06:41 Think-Chemist the battring ram army

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2021.10.20 06:41 Ortoziye 🏛🌲Парк Монрепо в Выборге полностью будет открыт в мае-июне 2022 года

Сейчас в парке проходит реконструкция. Губернатор Ленобласти Александр Дрозденко рассказал:
«Сейчас парк выглядит таким, каким он был 200 лет назад. Было много споров, практически пришлось весь конструктив разбирать и библиотечного флигеля, и основного здания, и дома управляющего, до 30% деревянного материала удалось сохранить. Это тоже очень важно. Мы постараемся, чтобы все интерьеры соответствовали историческим чертежам, старым фотографиям, гравюрам, картинам, максимально приближено к тому, как эти помещения выглядели 100 и 200 лет назад».
На октябрь 2021 года для посещения закрыта почти половина парка Монрепо.
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2021.10.20 06:41 Nole914 I don’t see HF are leaving? If anything they are adding more. https://money.cnn.com/quote/shareholders/shareholders.html?symb=SRNE&subView=institutional

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